Who Can I Speak to at School?

Red Cliffs Secondary College's school support network includes many people who are there to provide you with support and help at any time you need it. Your first contact should be your Year Level Co-ordinator. You can also speak to the College Principal and Leadership Group or the College Wellbeing Team.

Click on a staff member's photo or details below to send that person an email or use the form on the right if you are unsure who to send a message to.

Providing Support

Year Level Co-ordinators

Ms Martine Hendy Ms Martine Hendy
Year 7 Co-ordinator
Ms Erica Mangan Ms Erica Mangan
Year 8 Co-ordinator
Mr Paul Bamford Mr Paul Bamford
Year 9 Co-ordinator
Mr Donald Mayne
Mr Donald Mayne
Year 10 Co-ordinator
Mrs Jess Vuik Mrs Jess Vuik
Year 11 Co-ordinator
Mr Alex Montalto Mr Alex Montalto
Year 12 Co-ordinator
Ms Jo Connelly Ms Jo Connelly
FLO in Schools Co-ordinator

College Principal and Leadership Group

Mr David Browne Mr David Browne
Ms Cath Banks Ms Cath Banks
Assistant Principal
School Improvement
Ms Deanne Marr Ms Deanne Marr
Acting Assistant Principal
Mrs Kylie Morrish Mrs Kylie Morrish
Junior School Leader
Ms Narelle Greenwood Mrs Narelle Calder
Senior School Leader

College Wellbeing Team

Ms Barb O'Hara Ms Barb O'Hara
Wellbeing Co-ordinator
Social Worker
Mr Andre Whitton Mr Andre Whitton
Ms Rebekah Milne Mrs Rebekah Milne
Julia Lohmeyer
Ms Julia Lohmeyer
Secondary School Nurse